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See what my clients have to say!

Robyn Adkins

"Mary-Claire is fantastic, and we highly recommend her! She clearly loves dogs and is passionate about teaching them. She is incredibly knowledgeable and has a fantastic way of explaining things. She trains dogs with the much needed patience of an elementary school teacher—she was one! Mary-Claire develops behavioral expectations that a dog can understand and then enforces them with lots of praise and rewards. We're amazed by what our impulsive, excitable pup has learned. Mary-Claire makes sure we feel confident in what we are doing and makes herself accessible, if needed, to help us stay on track. When I tell friends that our dog went for a board and train, they automatically think that means an e-collar. Nope! Mary-Claire is all you need!"

Tanja Peterson

"Mary Claire is an awesome trainer. She helped me train my puppy that I had thought was untrainable with lots of patience and positive reinforcement. Mary Claire gave good suggestions for high value treats to use. I went back to her with my other doodle for his canine good citizen training and learned how to use positive reinforcement with a non-treat motivated pup. Mary Claire is always available for questions and I can always count on her helping me. I will always take my pups to her for additional training and even adopted one of her rescue pups."

Gail Fiel

"Mary Claire has been wonderful to help us train our beautiful new puppy, Isabelle. She is now over a year old and so smart and easy to train. Mary Claire came to our home due to covid issues and I guess you could say that she trained us as well. Mary Claire is knowledgeable, easy going and endlessly patient, with us, as well as Isabelle. Mary Claire  has a wonderful reputation for helping re-home dogs. She takes the time to find the perfect home for each dog and has strict criteria that she follows to make sure it's a good fit. Two friends of mine have found their perfect dogs through Mary Claire. It is hard to wait, but both of my friends say it is so worth it. If you are looking for a new family member, let me know. I have an "in" with the perfect person to help you. Mary Claire Linneman is the best!"

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